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HTC Touch HD Skin

Google Android mascot (c) Google Inc.

Hello Android fans and developers. I'd like to share with you some emulator skins I created for the Google Android SDK.


This skin shows the HTC Touch HD, the first smartphone with a display resolution of 480x800 (WVGA).

Since a dedicated menu button is missing, I assigned it to the volume controls on the upper left side of the device together with the select button. I placed the volume controls below them for reference. btw, the arrow buttons are placed below the keyboard.

WVGA 480x800 (Portrait)
device color
The inner frame of the emulator will measure 1120x1120 px running this skin. If your screen is too small for this skin, please read my Android Emulator Tutorial for a way to scale the emulator window to a size suitable for your screen.


Android emulator skin HTC Touch HD in portrait mode


Unpack the zip file and copy the created directory and files to ./tools/lib/images/skins/ within the installation directory of the Android SDK.

For more information please read my Android Emulator Tutorial